Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Smocked Dress Ornament Finished!

I sat down this morning to begin smocking my little dress ornaments. I decided to go for the metallic thread, even though I knew it would be a challenge. I am so glad I did though - it looks perfect with it. Now, this first one is a tad whompy, but it was a learning experience for me. I've never smocked anything on such a tiny scale before.

I will get two more smocked today and then have two to smock tomorrow, and then I will be finished. I have to work on Saturday, so I will have Kurt take them to the post office Saturday morning. This is the most excited I have ever been about an ornament for the ornament exchange. I had more fun with these than any of them in the past. It is so nice to smock again - even if it's a miniature dress!!

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