Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Better Late Than Never

I had planned to have my dress ornaments finished by Saturday - or Monday at the latest. However, I ended up working 13 hours over the course of this past weekend, so it just didn't happen. However, last night, I finally finished them all. This was probably my most favorite ornament I have made for the Martha Pullen Fan Club ornament exchange through the years. It felt good to smock again.
Now I am free to move on to my next sewing/quilting project. I have a couple of things to do. I am going to JoAnns this weekend to get a Barbie clothes pattern to make one or two Barbie doll outfits for Hannah. She (almost as a joke, but she will still have fun pretending she is a little girl again) is getting a Barbie doll for Christmas. I am making a couple of pretty outfits for the doll so she can use her as a decoration in her room. I don't have any more Barbie doll patterns. I got rid of them through the years, so I will have to get a Simplicity one this weekend when it is on sale.
I am also going to attempt cosmetic bags for the women on my Christmas list. The pattern looks easy enough. I will probably start those tomorrow.
Lastly, I am making a quilt for my teddy bears. Now that sounds strange to some of you, but I have teddy bears in my room as part of the decorating/charm. I've decided that just as many people dress their dolls for the seasons, my bears are going to be done the same way, and right now, they need a quilt. It'll just be a simple quilt, but still fun.

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