Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Spy

I spy a pony, a doggie, a heart, an Easter egg, a snowman, a flip flop, etc. Can you guess what I am working on? I'm making an I Spy quilt. It is a surprise for a little girl who was diagnosed with multiple tumors and will be undergoing chemotherapy in the coming weeks. She is just a year old, and I thought she and her mom and/or dad can play I Spy with her while she is in the hospital.

See, I wanted to get involved with Project Linus. That was my original plan for this coming year. However, due to yet another change in my work schedule, attending the bimonthly meetings is not feasible. I have come to realize that there are enough people in need right around me that could be blessed through a handmade quilt or blanket. I don't have to be a part of an organized group to be able to do this. As I see a need, I will make a quilt/blanket to meet the need. It will be more of a Linus ministry because rather than it just being community service, it can be done as a ministry.


  1. What a wonderful quilt idea for a child undergoing such treatments. Keeps them cozy, something to play with others with too.

  2. Hi Connie!
    I actually have a bunch of squares that I ought to make into an I spy quilt!!

    Jen ( from your Above Rubies list!)

    Oh, and can you tell me how to change the reaction choices in my blog? Someone told me once, and I can't remember!

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