Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Getting My Feet Wet Again

It's been over a year since I last made a quilt. My last quilt was Kurt's Cowboys quilt for Christmas last year. This year has been a bit busy with planning a wedding, getting married, and settling into a new way of life. Now, life is settling down. I am only working part time, we're getting the hang of married life, and now it's time to quilt.

I've never been a great quilter - I've always been a beginner. I decided that before I jump in with something big, I needed to get my feet wet with a small project. I have a very special Vermont Teddy bear - a sewing themed bear that Kurt gave me as a wedding gift. I decided that she needed a quilt to keep her comfy during this long cold winter. I dug through my scraps stash to see what I could find. I had a few charm squares and a few strips from a jelly roll that were all from the a similar fabric family. I decided to see if I could pull them together to make a miniature quilt for my bear. I loved the tape measure charm squares because Sew Bear wears a tape measure for her headband.

I started on the quilt Sunday evening, and guess what? It's finished!! I had *sew* much fun with it that I am very eager to move on to my next quilting project.


  1. Really nice quilt Connie. One of my goals this year is to start quilting.