Sunday, March 28, 2010

AQS Lancaster Show

Wow - what an experience this was!!  I've never been to a quilt show or anything like that before, so this was all new to me.  I was first amazed at just how many women were there.  They estimated about 20,000 women attended the event.

After a few minutes of standing there in awe, I began to walk up and down the isles of vendors.  There were vendors selling everything quilting related.  They even had quilt-themed socks.  That was definitely tempting because I just love socks, but at $8 a pair, I had to pass.

Landauer books had a booth with some great sale tables.  I got two $5 books.  One was for me and one was for my mom for mother's day.  They also had a special where you got a free quilt-themed calendar when you spent $10 or more, so I got the free calendar too!

Then it was on to admire the gorgeous artistry of the quilts.  Oh my, they were amazing!!  I took lots and lots of pictures, and I wish I could share them with you here, but while we were able to take photos of the individual quilts, we are not allowed to post them on the internet.   One of my favorite quilts was an "I Love Lucy" themed quilt. 

I didn't take any of the classes offered, but I did attend one of the many lectures.  The lecture I attended was called, "Amish Women and Their Quilts".  It was taught by Rachel  Pellman.  She has written several books on the subject - including one that I have "The World of Amish Quilts".  She even autographed my book for me!  :-

Her worshop consisted of a brief lecture about the Amish in general - what they believed, how they live and why they do the things they do.  Then she began explaining more about their quilts and her experiences from interviewing Amish women about their quilts.  I have always been fascinated by the Amish, so I found this to be very interesting.  Then she shared a slide show of actual Amish quilts and explained them in detail.  After the slide show she acttually had some reproduction Amish quilts to share with us in person.  The Amish are most known for just a few particular patterns.  One of my favorites was "Sunshine and Shadow".  I also like the simple, yet often dramatic because of color choices, "Center Diamond" quilts.

It was really a great experience.  I am already looking forward to going next year. 


  1. Lucky girl Connie... I would just love to go and hear a lecture about the Amish. I've been reading some books by Beverly Lewis about their lifestyles.
    Rainbow smiles.. Gloria

  2. Connie, thanks for leaving your blog site for us at the American Quilter's Society to read, it's a great blog. Check our facebook page on Friday to find out the winner of the Blog-of-the-Week!

    Thanks for visiting us in Lancaster, we hope to see you again soon!