Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Snow-Covered Day in Amish Country

This past Friday, we were finally able to dig out and go for a drive.  This is what it looked like as we prepared to pull out from our driveway.  Can you believe all the snow??

 We went to Bird-In-Hand so I could buy bulk white chocolate to make Kurt's home-made valentine candy.  There is a great Amish market that has the most delicious bulk white chocolate.  This horse and buggy was parked in the parking lot.  I took a picture of it because it looked so out of proportion.  That is a normal-sized Amish buggy.  Look at the size of the horse compoared to that buggy.  I have never seen such a huge horse before.  I thought it was worthy of a picture.

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  1. Love the pictures. Can't get over all that snow y'all have had this season!!! What a horse!!!
    Which market did you buy the white chocolate at in Bird-in-Hand? We're coming up in March for a couple days. We always go to the Farmer's Market there. There is a fabric shop either in B-i-H or Intercourse on the left hand side of the road as Kitchen Kettle Shops. Looks like a house, flat folds in front some precuts such as jelly rolls, and such, then cutting table on the left and checkout on the right...and bolts of fabrics in the back......behind it appears to be a market, I've seen carriage/trucks parked there and Amish ladies come out with flats of foods....I wonder how that food store would react to "English" in there? I'd like to go into some of the shops where the Amish shop when up there in March in that general area. We stay near the Rockvale Outlets and go one morning to VF outlets in Reading.