Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Early Valentine

This morning was not going so well.  I was still snowed in, having to work, and the kids were out of school *again* because of the snow storm.    Imagine my surprise when Jonathan asked if I was expecting flowers.  I told him no and asked why he was asking.  He said there was a floral van that tried to get into the drive way but couldn't (because of the snow).   A moment later, my phone began to ring.  It was a delivery person from the florist asking if we were home because we had a delivery and he was just going to have to park in the middle of the road to delivery my flowers.

I ran outside to meet him (because he would have had to climb over mounts of snow), and was so excited with what I saw.

Kurt sent my valentine to me early.  It included roses, a carnation, a heart balloon, a huge Hershey kiss, and an adorable teddy bear that I have named Valentine.   I have the best boyfriend/ Valentine in the world!!


  1. Love your music on your blog site - found it by accident - is it a CD? could you e-mail where you purchased it?
    Congratulations on having someone special in your life that surprises you!