Monday, March 4, 2013

Birthday Party Success

This past Sunday was Timothy's 10th birthday.  It was his first real birthday party. He invited his friends from his social skills therapy group and from church.  Most of them came.  It was a Mario-themed party.  I spent the week before making party favors and decorations - including all those little stuffed/beanie stars you can see in the picture.  They were a big hit.  The kids loved them!
Timothy had a wonderful time.  I know he will never forget this party.  
They played Pin the Mustache on the Mario.
Made their own mini-pizzas.
Played Mario Bingo.
I found these printable Mario bingo cards online.  They were great!
And we even found a way to do a Pinata - outside in a very wet and cold yard.   Timothy has already been talking about all the wants to do at his party next year, and I'm wondering if a year is long enough to recover from all the preparations of this year.  :-)

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