Monday, January 28, 2013

Beautiful Winter Day in Amish Country

 This past Friday, the kids and I took a break from our normal schoolwork, and went for a long drive through Amish Country.  It was a cold, cloudy winter day, and by the early afternoon, the snow had began to fall.   It was such a delight to see some of the Amish and Mennonite children ice skating on a frozen pond.
 For the most part, it was pretty quiet all around.  It was in the upper teens, and most people seemed to be staying warm indoors. 
 We stopped after seeing this sign, and went in to a self-service furniture store/barn, and found the basket of hand-made greeting cards.  They were simply beautiful.  I bought Kurt's valentine card.  It's all based on the honor system - just leave your money in the little box next to the baskets of cards. 
 We also stopped at a fabric store in Paradise.  I decided to stop when I saw the horse and buggy parked outside.  It was *completely* Amish - we were the only "Englishers" there, and all of the fabric was for Amish apparel.  The clerk and the customers were speaking in Pennsylvania Dutch most of the time, but they began to speak in English for us and were so kind.
Even in sub-freezing temperatures, the Amish still hang their clothes out to dry.  I've been wondering all weekend how in the world they dry clothes when it doesn't get above freezing.  I'm still trying to figure that one out.  One day I will have to ask someone about that.

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  1. Clothes freeze must wait until they begin to move...then they are dry. learned that long time ago when I hung out laundry!! Sounds like fun days!!