Monday, August 13, 2012

Dinner with the Amish

This past Friday night, Kurt took me on the best date I have ever been on.  He took me to Strasburg Railroad for their Dinner with the Amish evening.  Every Tuesday and Friday evening, they offer this.   You are served an incredible dinner in the dining car, and a real life Amish family is in the dining car as well.  In fact, Kurt and I sat with two of the boys.  Daniel was 12, and Gideon was 7.  Daniel was absolutely delightful.  After dinner, he shared with all of us about his school and a little about his life.  His father also opened the floor to any questions anyone had about their Amish life.   This photo was taken after we got off the train.  They live on a farm close to the station, and were walking home.  What an incredible experience!!!!

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