Monday, February 6, 2012

A Day with a Psychologist

Our Saturday was spent with a psychologist spending most of the day in our home. He spent over 5 hours doing different tests with Timothy. It was actually fascinating. When he was all done, he told me situations in which he thought Timothy would have trouble -- it blew me away because he was *exactly* right with *everything* he said. It was as though he was able to see inside his brain through these strange tests. The bottom line is that he has not scored all of his testing, but he is almost certain that his diagnosis will be the same as Timothy has previously received - Asperger's Syndrome. While there is some relief to that, there is also some sadness. As much as I know the struggles we have - it would also have been nice to hear that there was nothing wrong with him - that we just need to change our approach to him. It's hard to comprehend that your children doesn't have the ability to process things like a normal child can. It is a relief because with the confirmed diagnosis, he is eligible for many services that we will soon be able to access to help him - including a behavioral therapist who will work with him in our own home at least weekly.

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  1. Just thought I'd tell you that I know of someone with Aspergers. She is an accountant.