Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cable 1, Trelis 2......

As you can see, Sew Bear and I finally got to do a little smocking last night.  I don't believe I have introduced Sew Bear on my blog.  She is my Vermont Teddy Bear that my sweet husband gave me as a wedding gift.  We also went to Vermont Teddy Bear Company on our honeymoon.  Sew Bear is wearing a cute little jumper, has a tape measure for a headband, and carries around a tomato pincushion.  Kurt gave her to me so she could keep me company while I sew.

Last night, Hannah and Jonathan were at band, and Kurt took Timothy on a walk to the playground which gave me uninterrupted time to smock.  I finished almost an entire row!  This is going to be a smocked Christmas ball for the Martha Pullen Fan Club annual ornament exchange.  I am getting a head start on my ornaments this year.  In fact, I am thinking of making these for my family as well as Christmas gifts.  That being said, I needed to get started soon, so now was the perfect time.

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