Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hannah's Holocaust Memorial Quilt

Hannah has been studying WWII in history class.  She was assigned to make a memorial for the Holocaust victims.  After many days of trying to decide what to do, she finally decided on a memorial quilt.  She planned it all out with each of the fabrics representing something very specific.

We went to JoAnns and found the fabrics, and then she came home and worked for 6 hours straight Sunday afternoon on this quilt wall hanging.   She finished it up last night (Monday night).  Here is the paragraph she included with the quilt that explains the significance of each part of the quilt.

"My Holocaust memorial project is about Krystallnacht- also known as The Night of Broken Glass. I have made a quilt to represent the significant destruction the Nazis caused on Krystallnacht. The flames on the quilt represent all the fire in the Jewish homes that the Nazis set to fire. The dark blue starry sky fabric represents the night of Krystallnacht. The sparkly white fabric represents the broken, shattered glass and busted windows. The fringed edges of the quilt represent the massive destruction that the Nazis caused that night. Also, in the bottom right-hand corner I have a Star of David to represent the many Jews that suffered on Krystallnacht, or the Night of Broken Glass."


  1. I know I commented on Facebook about Hannah's quilt she made as a Holocaust Memorial; however, I had to comment again...I still think it is perfect. I loved reading this time why she picked each fabric. It brings tears to my eyes and at the same time brings a smile to my face as I told you previously, I knew two Holocaust Survivors and wish they were still with us as I would print your posting on it and take it to them to see.

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