Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow-covered Amish Country

What can I say?   Today was incredible.  Andrea and I spent several hours just driving backroads in Lancaster County.  With the fresh blanket of snow, everything was more beautiful than ever.  We saw so many beautiful things - some were captured on camera, and others were just captured in our memories.
Andrea was more than happy for me to stop constantly, sometimes every few feet, to get the most perfect photographs.  She is excited about having these photos to help her remember her trip. 

I have taken many pictures of Amish schools, but today was a special treat.  If you look very closely in the middle window, you'll see a little hand waving.  As we wer backing out from the school there were many hands waving to us.  It was so sweet.   I thought these Amish children did a very good job of building a snowman as well, and oh, look at the scooters parked by the side of the school.  Many of the Amish children ride scooters instead of bicycles.
Baaaaaa..... look at these sheep.  Aren't they precious.  These are part of an Amish farm. It is almost as though they poased for my photo.

I am excited about completing an entire year of Amish through the Seasons photographs.  I'm going to continue to do Amish photography, but it feels good to have collected a year's worth of photos.

I am going to look into having calendars made of my photos to give as Chrismas gifts next year.  Also, one day I hope to publish a book of my Amish Country photos.

I can't believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve Eve.  I am looking forward to all the excitement that Christmas Eve and Christmas will bring.  Timothy is pretty hyped up.  I am excited about giving Kurt his Dalls Cowboys quilt for Christmas.  I hope he likes it.  He will also have a Dallas Cowboys stocking filled by Santa (asuming he is on the nice list, of course.)

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  1. I'll be first in line to purchase a copy of your book of Amish Photos!