Thursday, December 31, 2009

A beautiful ending to 2009

What a beautiful way to end 2009.   The weather forecast said it would begin snowing around 6:00 a.m.  I awoke at 5:38, and by 5:55, I was downstairs to let Puddin' out.  It was already falling and just beautiful.  Did you know that you can actually hear snow falling?  At 5:55, it is very quiet outside, so I was able to hear the snow gently falling to the ground. 
When the sun came up, I was able to capture a few photographs.  I am so glad to have snow cover again.  It's amazing how pure and clean everything looks under a blanket of freshly-fallen snow. 


  1. Beautiful pics...we had a little snow on the 19th. Talk of flurries this Thursday, we'll see. At least I can crank up the computer and look at your beautiful pictures of the snow in Beautiful Amish Country. We're hoping to get up there for a long weekend before Easter. To tell you the truth I'd like to come when chance of snow...but DH says NO...worries now about driving in it since he has problems with his feet and lower legs.

  2. Great photos Connie....can't wait to see the next ones! Personally we are having bright sunny hot days...steamy weather and so snow looks really cool!
    Rainbow smiles... Gloria