Sunday, October 4, 2009

Colors of fall...

......and it's only just beginning. My church is a 50-minute drive through beautiful, mountainous countryside. I brought my camera with me (as I will throughout fall) to take a few pictures along the way. I am absolutely amazed at all of the spectacular colors everywhere I look. Even dying corn is a beautiful golden color. The vegetable crops are a vibrant yellow. The trees are mostly green still, but there are colors popping out here and there.
Fall is definitely my favorite season. The colors of fall were created by God for just one reason -- our enjoyment. If you think about it, why would leaves change into beautiful colors just to fall to the ground? God wanted us to enjoy His creation, so he made it incredibly gorgeous. He loves us enough to paint the sunrise and sunset every day. He loves us enough to create gorgeous sparkling blue and green water in the ocean. He loves us enough to splash the leaves with awesome colors for us to enjoy each fall.

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